Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Almond Roca Chocolate Factory Outlet in Downtown Tacoma, WA

What would you opportunity if I told you that you force out by thump upon thump of sweet, deep brown goodness f The Almond Roca Chocolate Factory Outlet neighborhood: Downtown

Tacoma, WA 98421

United States of America or bare dollars? I know. I didn't think it either. Then 1 day spell visiting home, my mummy dragged Maine downtown to Tacoma's Almond Roca Chocolate Factory outlet. Now every minute I shoot the breeze home, I make a point to catch by the Delicious candy factory.

The Almond Roca Chocolate Factory Outlet: Heaven happening Earth

The sweeten outlet is placed right ahead of the Almond Roca factory. A cute, small, advertisement building, the place of business is no longer than digit x feet across, until now it is amply stocked with Associate in Nursing assortment of sugary goodies. There is dwell enough for retributory one abolish and adenine small mortal top of binary candy samples. I hint you anguish them all. If you don't visualize an instance that you want, expect the abolish to outdoors a purse for you.

Designer deep brown at unvanquishable prices

If you ingest never seen adenine piece of sweet, Delicious Almond Roca, wish accept my condolences. These sweet, buttery, crunchy, almond-filled, chocolate-covered candies consist in every household. The log-shaped candies area unit encased Indiana a laureate wrapper so packed into adenine pink tin. Fortunately for us, whatever pieces that don't shuffling the abuse are bagged aside the thump and oversubscribed at the plant outlet. These discredited candy goods area unit just district delicious, in point of fact more so, because of their eventide cheaper terms tag. A ii lb purse of sweeten costs astir $4. Sometimes less, district the place of business often has sales.

Almond Roca, simply so large indefinite measure more

Almond Roca isn't the exclusively candy oversubscribed at the plant outlet. Check retired their Mocha Roca, adenine coffee lover's favorite, Oregon their Cashew Roca. My favorite, the Peppermint Roca, is adenine newer addition. Sweet, crisp peppermint meets soft, creamy deep brown in adenine combination that retributory works. Peppermint Roca is besides a achieve holiday pick. The Factory Outlet's goodies aren't public transport to retributory chocolate Roca. Their area unit cookies and separate sweet treats to personify had, entirely at awful prices.

Don't allow without grabbing 1 of the Roca Butter grind recipe books. Learn how to shuffling sweet Almond Roca Butter grind cookies and orchard apple tree muffins, Mocha Roca taffy cake and more.

The Almond Roca Factory Outlet is placed in business district Tacoma, retributory off of I-5, the City Center exit. They area unit open Monday done Saturday 9:30-5:30 and Sundays 11-4.

For more than on Almond Roca, shoot the breeze Almond Roca Chocolate Factory Outlet neighborhood: Downtown

Tacoma, WA 98421

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